Pride in Our Accomplishments

For over 20 years, the leadership team at Suresby has worked to improve customer experience and operational efficiencies by leveraging our knowledge of advanced automation, data analytics, and area expertise. We have a long and storied history of working with some of the world’s largest and most prominent brands to create intelligently designed products and solutions in the areas of CMS, DRM, Ecommerce, Digital Distribution, and Marketing Automation.

As a result of our commitment to intelligent design and innovative thinking, Suresby has grown over the decades into the global, multi-office consulting firm our clients rely on as a trusted partner. Our leadership team feels pride in our past accomplishments, while still looking forward to meet the challenges to come. We’d like to share with you some of the notable projects and milestones our leadership team has worked on and met over the years as examples of what Suresby can achieve with the right team and with the right systems based approach.

A History of Cutting Edge Work

  • Working alongside Microsoft in 1995, the Suresby leadership team developed the first B2B ecommerce platform for Intel that handled in excess of $4 billion worth of business.
  • Designed and built the industry’s first Realtime DRM and streaming platform for Intel. Our DRM platform was used to manage and share highly sensitive engineering documents with Intel’s top partners.
  • In 2001, our team designed and built an enterprise DRM for HP. The platform issued and validated software license keys, enabled rights to certain software features, managed software updates, and managed support contracts.
  • The Suresby team invented and developed the media industry’s leading digital content management and distribution platform. Till this day, the platform continues to lead the industry by providing a competitive advantage for Twenty First Century Fox in the distribution of media throughout all lifecycles.
  • Developed and integrated marketing, ecommerce, and ERP solution for such companies as RR Donnelly, Xerox, KP Corporation, Arvato, ModusLink, McDonalds, and Mitsubishi.
  • Developed a campaign management platform for Delta Dental that worked to drastically improve conversion ratios when compared to previous approaches.
  • Created a supply chain management platform for the Apple Store that featured predictive auto replenishment of products.
  • In 2017, Suresby opened our first office in Vijayawada, India to provide development support to our clients.
  • Open our first office in Irvine, CA, also in 2017.
  • Implemented and improved a more modern marketing campaign for Compassion International.
  • Developed an analytics platform for dental practice use designed to improve staff productivity and performance.
  • Due to an increased demand for Suresby’s services in 2018, we expanded our Vijayawada by moving into a commercial building and moved into a larger office space in Irvine.
  • To better handle support for a new project, we opened a second office in Hyderabad, India in 2018.
  • Migrated over 100 TBs of digital marketing assets of several fortune 500 companies to be managed and delivered from AWS.
  • Partnered with LocalFresh, a U.S.-based digital marketing firm, in 2020.

Committed to Excellence

At Suresby, we remain committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to our clients. The far reaching scope of our previous work has provided our team with in-depth development expertise that enables us to offer the integral solutions your business needs to achieve success. To discover about how Suresby is the right partner to help support your technology requirements, contact our team today!

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