Services and Capabilities


The Big Picture

At Suresby, our services go beyond simple coding and product delivery. We work with our clients to gain a comprehensive understanding of the requirements, goals, and overall scope of each individual project. Through cultivating partnerships, we seek to provide cost-effective solutions that meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations.

When selecting Suresby as your technology solutions partner, you gain access to our years of operational experience, dedicated support, and intelligent results-based approach to product design and implementation.

Technology Consulting

Technology consultants work with clients to improve, facilitate, and recontextualize the way they use technology. From the implementation of new systems to redesigning internal processes, our team of experts can keep your business at the cutting edge. At Suresby, our technology services include:


Application Services

Application services (aka application management services) range from application performance monitoring (APM) and load balancing to service discovery and service proxy. Our goal is to facilitate the optimal deployment and operation of your applications. Services include:

Systems Integration

Systems integration seeks to connect varying subsystems into one larger overall network that operates as a single unit. Our Suresby technicians can facilitate the task of integrating multiple IT or software systems seamlessly so your processes stay intact and your business continues to operate smoothly. Our systems integration services include:


Marketing Services

Understanding how to successfully market new technologies requires identifying target businesses that could greatly benefit from adopting a new approach. From practice management tools with integrated dashboards to personalized microsites designed to increase product visibility, our marketing services coordinators have the tools needed to get your next product noticed. Our marketing services include:

Ecommerce Services

The safe and reliable transfer of a data, whether from B2B or at the point of sale with a customer, is of paramount importance to any ecommerce website. From infrastructure and security to data management and analysis, Suresby offers a comprehensive range of services designed to improve any ecommerce site.